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Doff N' Donner
"The Donning Of A New Age"

Hi my name is Ray Fikes and I would like to introduce my new invention to you called the Doff N´ Donner. The Doff N´ Donner is an infinitely shaped water balloon called a toroid that is used to help you either put on, or take off (Don and Doff) compression garments easily and without complications.     Let´s face it, people come in all shapes and sizes and with the large number of compression garment variations, putting them on can be quite a daily challenge for you or even a family member or caregiver. Due to these issues, the donning of compression garments has been a problem since the creation of the garments. Not everyone has the strength to pull on the very tight garments, nor do they always have the help they may need to do so. The Doff N´ Donner was invented to resolve all of these issues. This phenomenal tool was developed to bridge the gap between the prescribed need of the patient to wear the garments and the ability of the patient to be compliant with the doctors´ orders.     The Doff N´ Donner has the ability to Don a garment over any size or shape of leg, as well as over wet, slippery with lotion, or bandaged legs with no struggle at all. The efficient and versatile Donning performance of the Doff N´ Donner is only half of it. This device also uses the same conveying action to safely and effortlessly Doff the garments from the leg and store them prepared for the next fitting. The Doff N´ Donner's conveying action also helps to increase the longevity of the garment by limiting the wear and tear created by the tugging of conventional Donning.     This device is more of a discovery than an invention. It continues to reveal its capabilities each time a new or different task or technique is tried. The techniques in our videos are only suggestions for ease of use. You as an individual and owner of a Doff N´ Donner are going to find the importance of having your own personal technique to using the device. Practice with your Doff N´ Donner to find out what works best for your situation.     Taking part in the discovery of the Doff N´ Donner´s capabilities is something we encourage you to share; which is why we have created a blog and forum to share your experiences and individual techniques with us and others in the Doff N´ Donner family. We look forward to hearing from you and Happy Donning!